Autohome Space Saving Kit

Easy storage 
for your 
roof top tent

Whether you want to store your tent during the summer months or in between trips, the TENTLIFT is the ideal solution. The simple pulley system operated by a turning handle lifts the roof top tent and roof rack* of your car in seconds. Simply loosen the screws on your roof rack, pull the two loops under the tent and turn the handle to lift the roof top tent of. Attaching it back is equally simple, just drive your car under the tent and lower it back on.
Ready for adventure. In seconds. 

AED 699 incl. VAT

Product Info

Installation requires drilling into the roof of your parking / storage place. High roofs might require extension of the handle. The system comes with wood screws, for installation on concrete roofs respective screws and ankers need to be purchased seperatly.

For installation services please contact us.

  • 1 installation instructions
  • 1 operation instruction
  • 1 rail with eyelet
  • 1 hand crank
  • 2 ropes
  • 2 hoses
  • 2 eyelets
  • 4 wood screws 80mm with washers
  • 1 wood screw 50mm with large diameter washers
  • 2 M8 screws with nuts and washers
  • 2 M6 screws with washers