Why Autohome

“My brother Giacomo and I have always fought to to make it clear that quality and experience are everything in our sector” – Guiseppe Fercodini, Owner.

Autohomes commitment to produce the highest quality roof tents can be judged from various angles. The simplest way is to experience the quality first hand by trying one yourself. But there is more; from tested and certified fabrics made in Germany to fiberglass shells handmade in Italy. The “zero compromise on quality” approach shows in the overwhelming and lasting success of the brand as well as in the feedback from customers. Autohome products and the company hold various certifications for quality. Did you know that Land Rover and MINI trusted Autohome with producing a tent exclusive to their brand?
Investing into a quality product always pays off – with a superior experience and piece of mind.
Did we mention the 5 years warranty yet?

A roof tent has to withstand serious forces while driving, onroad at high way speeds and offroad. We focus on safety so you can rely on your tent as a safe place to sleep for you and your loved ones even under the hardest conditions and after many years of use. And because we are serious about safety, our products are tested and certifed by the german authority TÜV.  

Good design makes a product useful. Autohome tents are designed to be simple and easy to use. No straps or poles, no second skins fluttering in the wind. all models are as easy to set up as they are to break down again. At the same time, the tents are loaded with useful features to provide you with the best night sleep. Highly breathable materials ensure permanent exchange of air, vapour is transported out and fresh oxygen comes in. The fiberglass shell is designed to be aerodynamic, reducing annoying wind noise and additional fuel consumption. Products from Italy have a reputation for beauty and Autohome tents are no exhemption. While form always follows function, they simply look stunning – regardless if installed on a MINI or a Land Rover Defender. And because we know that taste is very individual, we offer various colors, sizes, shapes and models so you can choose and pick exactly what matches your taste.

Autohome offers over 50 different tents. There are fabric and hard shell models. All come in different shapes, opening mechanisms, colors and sizes. Check out the feature comparison page for more insights. For the UAE we selected focus models to be offered from stock, the rest of the range is available on order. Head over to autohome-official.com to check out the entire range or get in touch with us for more info. 

Comfort without compromise. Who said that adventures are uncomfortable?

We do everything to give you a good nights sleep. The comfort starts with making it so simple to open your tent that it most likely wont bother until you want to sleep. A high density mattress plus 3D mesh for increased air circulation come as standard, simply add your blanket and the bed is ready. Highly breathable fabrics and special roof insulation help with air flow. No loose fabric or straps that create noise in the wind and disturb your peace. But comfort does not end there. Planning to take the tent off in between trips or for the summer? We have a comfortable solution for you.

2 years from the date of purchase and 5 years on the components of the opening system.
Each Autohome product has been made with attention to the smallest detail, using the most suitable materials for its use.
Decades in manufacturing enable us to adopt the best tested materials for different climatic and travel conditions.
Our tough “Autohome Quality” controls guarantee a product without material or packaging defects.

Every tent has a unique serial number to identify and provide warranty service in case something fails. And even if you happen to damage something, we are there to support with spare parts and replacement.

For more info, please visit the warranty page on autohome-official.com

As part of the TÜV certification Autohome tents have been tested for mechanical durability. The test involved 300 cycles opening and closing the tent including all necessary steps as well as an impact test on two sides. Lastly, the assembly clamps were tested 50 times.
Read more about the tests on this autohome-official.com page

A healthy manufacturing company, highly qualified technicians, innovative technological material and patents have been characterizing the story of our Italian brand, which represents since more than half a century the ideal companion of trips and adventures discovering the most charming places in the world.

Made in Italy quality and passion for outdoor are our marketing strategies: no commercial business or production abroad. These are simply our features.

Designed and patented more than 60 years ago in Italy, the original Air – Camping and Maggiolina are still the companion for adventurers, explorers and travellers around the world. Since then the range has developed into more than 50 models, constantly improved through feedback from travellers around the world and development by the technicians of Autohome, while maintaining the strong focus on the core principles of Autohome; Quality – Reliability – Comfort. 

Autohome is the original. Since 1958.