Frequently Asked Questions

To find out if you can install a tent on top of your car, two points are crucial:

  1. the dynamic roof load of your car and
  2. the ability to fit a roof rack with cross bars on the car roof.

If you are not sure where to find this information or would like us to support you with a solution, just drop us a message and we will assist you.

Read more in our buyer’s guide →

The one you like best. To help you with the decision you can check out the model comparison and read our guide for more in depth information. 

We love to take you through a demo tent in person, get in touch to try before you buy.

We offer installation as a service at our work shop in Ras al Khor, Dubai. 

We keep a local stock of models at our freezone warehouse in Abu Dhabi and at the workshop in Ras al Khor. 

To find out if a specific model is available, you can check the whatsapp catalog or get in touch with us.

The tent can be stored flat on the floor or upright on it’s side. 

A convenient way to simply take the tent of is the Autohome Space Saving Kit. This pulley lift system can be operated by one person and doubles up as a storage for summer or in between use.

All Autohome roof top tents are certified by the german authority for road safety, TÜV. 

With a ladder. Each tent is supplied with an extendable aluminium ladder that can be stored inside the tent when not in use.

Our medium size tents are made to fit 2 adults and one child.

Visit us at our workshop in Ras al Khor or arrange a display at your preferred any location. Get in touch to book a demo.

To fit the tent on to your car, you need a roof rack with cross bars. We recommend Thule and are happy to support you with finding the right fit.

Add your blanket from home or a sleeping bag and your tent is ready for adventure!

Read more about roof racks in the buyers guide →

When open, the tent is safe to use in windspeeds up to 30-40 knots (= 55 – 75km/h).

It’s safe for road speeds up to 130 km/h. 

Through the added weight on top of the car the center of gravity moves upwards. This can impact how the car reacts to sudden changes of direction at high speeds. 

Short answer: Probably yes, but not extensive.

Long answer: This largely depends on your car model + tent model + how the tent is installed. 
Soft shell tents are more noisy than hard shells, tents sticking out over the windscreen are more noisy than when mounted further back. 
And of course your driving speed and any cross winds play a role.

We test drive all our installed tents and adjust the installation until we can provide you with the optimal solution for your setup.

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