Autohome Maggiolina Airlander Plus Logo rooftop tent


Airlander Plus

Art. MPS/10

The classic choice. A elegant yet aerodynamic shape and the original turning-handle opening mechanism. Stable even in strongest winds. Easy to open and close even on higher cars. The Airlander Plus provides a comfortable and safe accomodation for short nights or on extensive trips.

AED 14,349 incl. VAT


Have your bedroom ready in seconds. To open your tent, simply unhook the latches, insert the handle and start turning. Two scissorlifts on each end of the Autohome Maggiolina Airlander Plus rooftop tent lift up the upper shell. To close it, simply turn the handle the other way, close the latches and you are ready to go!

Airlander Plus - Advantages

Execptionally stable even in very windy conditions through the metal scissors forming a strong support for the upper shell while maintaining steady tension on the fabric thus further stabilizing the entire tent. 

The Airlander Plus range is equipped with Dralon fabric. A high tech material designed by Bayer for superior breathability (50.8mm/s) , high tear resistance, color stability and guaranteed usability for temperatures between -30 until +70 degrees celcius.

For a better sleep, Dralon fabric has low light penetration, transmittes less sounds from outside and remains soft to touch, while being easy to maintain.

The turning handle to open and close the rooftop tent is located at the bottom shell, easy to reach and operate on higher vehicles.

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