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3 Choices to make

Advantages of the different options

Which style?


Textile tents are also called fabric tents or soft top roof top tents. They are characterized by a soft rubber cover and boxy square shape. The advantages of a textile roof tent over a hard shell tent are weight, compact dimensions when closed, more room inside when opened and a lower price point.

Lower weight is good to keep the overall vehicle weight down and helps if your car has a lower dynamic roof load limit. 

Textile tents fold open like a book, which means they double the footprint when opened. Less used space when closed is good if you plan to transport other cargo on the roof of your car or if you want to install a roof top tent on the back of your pick up truck. 

Tahoe with textile tent
Opening sequence of textile tent

Hard Shell

Hard shell roof top tents can easily be reckognized by their outer shell. Autohome exclusively uses GFK for their shells, as it has superior properties over ABS or other plastics. 

The hard shell roof tents main advantages over their fabric counterparts are the aerodynamic shape, which reduces wind noise and fuel consumtion, the easy and fast opening and closing, internal capacity to transport stuff like bedding, pillows, clothing, etc. and the sturdy and solid construction which protects from adverse weather and offers great stability in windy conditions.

Image 12-10-2022 at 7.40 PM

What shape?


Views in all directions
All models have two doors and two windows at minimum, so you can always see in all directions from inside the tent. This is great if you want to watch the sunrise, the sea or your friends preparing the morning coffee. 

Room to sit on both ends
four straight walls mean you can sit up inside the tent on front and back, great if you use the tent with more than one person.

Sheltered and roomy
The solid room and straight walls feel more like a room than a tent, comfortable, sheltered and spacious.


Sky view
Enjoy a view of the nightsky and the stars from your bed. Regardless if you prefer to sleep with your head tucked into the narrow end or towards the back, you can see the sky.

More headroom
The Columbus models are 150cm high inside. Great for changing clothes and greater freedom of movement.

Open and airy
The addtional hight combined with the massive back opening and the two doors give a very open and airy feeling, while more than 6 door configuration options and the more traditional tent shape still provide coziness and shelter if required.

Which opening mechanism?

Turning handle

Easy to use
The reliable function is assured by a mechanism consisting of screw jacks linked by a chain drive system within the structure of the tent. The ability to keep the upper shell in one position just before fully closed makes tucking in excess fabric easy.

This opening system is reliable, lasts forever and needs no maintenance. It is operated by a removable handle.  In addition, it is appreciated because it adjusts the tension of the fabrics so they are always taut: even after years, the fabrics do not go limp, so stability is maintained, along with good weather-proofing and the appearance of the tent.

When the tent is open it will remain steady even in stormy weather conditions.

The handle is also an anti-theft device for your contents stored inside, as the shell cannot be opened without the handle.

Autohome opening mechanism with turning handle

Gas struts

Bigger choice
Gas struts are used in the Columbus, Airtop and Airtop 360 models. Choosing gas struts allows you to choose between the traditional box and the Columbus wedge shape.

Faster opening
The gas struts open the tent by themself instantly after opening the latches. It’s the fastest and easiest way to open a roof top tent.

More length
The scissor mechanism on both ends in the Maggiolina models (turning handle) take away length of the mattress, if you tall and want to use the available full length, the Airtop models are a great choice.

Free view
No scissor mechanism on the ends also means that nothing is obstructing your view from inside the tent. 

Autohome opening mechanism with gas struts